Our history

In 2008, a group of friends, wine lovers and people passionate about creating came together to build something special in the wine world. Our first estate vineyard was in Missouri, followed by production in California's Napa and Sonoma. With an interest in producing only the best varietals as called for by region, and with a passion to create world-class Pinot Noir, our adventure spread to Oregon's Willamette Valley. Our family and friends have helped us to create not only wines of substance, but wines that help us travel back to that place in time where passion and vision came together to create State of Mind Wines. 

our future

As State of Mind flourishes, we wish to expose the country to wines from lesser known regions that are committed to quality wines. When one travels to France, you start with Bordeaux, Burgundy or Champagne. With time, the desire for exploration sets in, and one finds oneself searching the lesser known regions of France, venturing into Jura, Saumur-Champigny or Cahors. This journey is intended to highlight the incredible regional production in our great winemaking country. We look forward to working on projects in Virginia, New York, Texas and other states in the future as well.